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itsdeansherwood: “New video, Meet The Vamps UK Album Launch … http://po.st/ALWeek”
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This pic is so fuckin cute
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posted 1 year ago on Thursday
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Si sos tradley shipper leelo (If you are Tradley Shipper read it):

Tradley Shippers:

Voy a aclarar algo, yo shippeo Tradley por diversión, no creo que Brad y Tris sean gays y sean pareja y todo eso, yo creo en Tradley como un BROmance, ellos se aman pero como hermanos.

No quiero que un futuro ser Tradley Shipper quiera decir creer y afirmar a toda costa que ellos son gays o son pareja en secreto tal cual como paso con Larry (one direction). 

Por favor, nunca se conviertan en Shippers obsesivas, tomence las cosas con gracia, respeten las opiniones de las demás. 

Tal vez algunas crean en Tradley como un romance y esta bien porque cada uno piensa lo que quiere, no voy a intentar convencerlas de lo contrario, sólo les pido que no analicen todo lo que hacen los chicos, no analicen las miradas, los gestos, no analicen cada palabra que se digan, denle espacio y déjenlos tranquilos.

I’m going to clarify something, I shippeo Tradley for fun, don’t believe that Brad and Tris are gay and are partner and all that, I believe in Tradley as a BROmance, they love each other but as brothers.
do not want to be a future Tradley Shipper wants to say and believe and affirm that they are gay or are a couple secret such as step with Larry (one direction) at all costs.
Please, never become obsessive Shippers, tomence things with grace, respect the opinions of others.
Perhaps some believe in Tradley as a romance and okay because everyone thinks what they want, am not going to try to convince them otherwise, only ask that not scanned all the boys do not parse looks, gestures, not parse every word that you say, give space and leave them alone.
Sorry if you don’t understand, do not speak English and use the google translator.
Lots of love. A Vampette from Argentina. xxx

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These boys live like pigs OMG but I still love them